Industrial forum: a forum of Knowledge and Experience

The forum of knowledge and experience

If there was ever a good time for the industry to hear about the latest achievements and novelties, best practices and innovative solutions, it is this new reality. In two days of the 2022 Industrial Forum, you will once again have the opportunity to learn about many interesting topics. You will hear about successful transfers of knowledge and experience between academia and industry, the implementation of new ideas, concepts, methods, technologies and tools in the industry, the state of affairs in the industry, its needs and requirements, successful application-oriented projects run by research organisations, institutes and universities in the industry, as well as about the transfer of applicable knowledge between scientific research organisations and industry.


Following the eleven successful past events and the last year’s 12. virtual Forum, Forum is returning as a recognisable international conference trade event in the field of production innovation, development and technology, focusing on Slovenia and the neighbouring regions.


The Forum's mission is to stimulate innovation, developmental orientation and technological excellence in the manufacturing, R&D and educational spheres as significant factors for success and a better quality of life.


Industrial development never stops and we live in an era when innovative approaches are valued more than ever before. This is also the foundation for the Forum’s goals: to inform the professional audience about the novelties, innovation, results of research and development, state-of-the-art technologies and their applications, as well as domestic and foreign experience in order to improve the operations and boost the competitive advantage of Slovenian manufacturing companies. We wish to promote an efficient exchange of opinions and experience between manufacturing/R&D companies and knowledge institutions. This is a prerequisite for successful networking and collaboration. We wish to promote the awareness of the importance of innovation, development orientation and technological excellence for the business performance and competitiveness of Slovenian economy. We intend to raise the visibility of the need for a planned and continuous collection of data and experience about the state of affairs in the industry in order to boost the quality of solution providers and the competence of knowledge providers.