A forum of knowledge and experience

The event aims to present achievements and novelties from the industry; innovations and innovative solutions from the industry and for the industry; cases of knowledge and experience transfer among industries; the use of new ideas, concepts, methods, technologies and tools in the industrial environment; the status quo in the industry, its requirements and needs, successful applicative projects carried out by research organisations, institutes and universities in the industrial environment; as well as cases of transfer of applicative knowledge from the science and research sphere to the industry.

Our vision

To become a recognisable (international) professional conference event in the field of innovation,  development and technologies for single-item production in Slovenia and neighbouring regions.


To encourage innovation, developmental orientation and technological excellence as important factors of success and better quality of life in the production, R&D and educational environment.


To acquaint the professional audience with the novelties, innovations, results of research and development, modern technologies and their use, as well as with domestic and foreign experience that could improve the operations and increase the competitive ability of Slovene manufacturing companies. To encourage efficient exchange of opinions and experience among manufacturing companies, developmental companies and knowledge institutions as a prerequisite for the establishment and strengthening of successful connecting and cooperation. To strengthen the awareness of importance of innovation, developmental orientation and technological excellence for business success and competitiveness of Slovenian economy. To stimulate the recognisability of need for a planned and continuous acquisition of data and experience about the real state of industry in order to improve the quality of solution providers and the competence of knowledge providers.