Industry Forum IRT 2024: Day Two Highlights

16 May 2024

On Tuesday, June 11, the second day of the 15th Industry Forum IRT will be dedicated entirely to expert lectures, presentations, and workshops. Nearly 50 lectures will be delivered across four lecture rooms, focusing on the following themes: robotics and manufacturing technologies; digitization and tool-making; non-metals; 3D printing of metals and innovative post-processing technologies.

IFIRT_2023_D2-158A key highlight will be the workshops delivered in Hall 4, targeting representatives from industrial companies, production managers, development engineers, and other professionals involved in additive technology or 3D printing of metals.

These workshops will cover basic concepts, prospects, and challenges of this technology, focusing on the selection of materials and technologies. Attendees will also learn about best practices and the development of new materials. Notably, advanced processing solutions with Plasma Electrolytic Polishing (PeP) and Jet-Electrolytic Plasma Polishing (Jet-ePP) technologies will be showcased. These environmentally friendly and efficient processes combine cleaning, deburring, and polishing in one step.

The workshops will be led by experts from the Laboratory for Alternative Technologies and the Laboratory of Synergetics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, in collaboration with strategic partners.

The Industrial Forum will also feature a range of interesting topics on Monday, June 10. The programme on this day will be aimed primarily at the general professional public, featuring lectures, a round table, and several presentations.